Peter Ho headshot

Peter S. Ho

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Marco A. Abbruzzese

Vice Chair, Wealth Management
James  Polk Headshot

James C. Polk

Vice Chair & Chief Banking Officer
Sharon Crofts headshot

Sharon M. Crofts

Vice Chair, Client Solutions Group
Mary Sellers headshot

Mary E. Sellers

Vice Chair and Chief Risk Officer
Dean Y. Shigemura headshot

Dean Y. Shigemura

Vice Chair and Chief Financial Officer
Matthew K.M. Emerson headshot

Matthew K.M. Emerson

Vice Chair, Retail Lending, Deposits, Digital Banking
Patrick McGuirk headshot

Patrick M. McGuirk

Vice Chair and Chief Administrative Officer
Ruth L. Erickson headshot

Ruth L. Erickson

Senior Executive Vice President, E-commerce & Demand Center
Susan L. Ing headshot

Susan L. Ing

Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
Taryn L. Salmon headshot

Taryn L. Salmon

Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Sharlene Ginoza-Lee

Sharlene R. Ginoza-Lee

Senior Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer
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